Status Update

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about this. Here are current statuses:

Chapter 8: cleaned, edited, currently in translation.
Chapter 9: cleaning, translation pending.
Chapter 10 (final): cleaned, edited, translation pending.

Translator is still on board, so these'll be done as her time permits.

Gakuen BASARA cosplayers!

Apparently there were some awesome Gakuen BASARA cosplayers at Fanime this year. We found this video and we'd love to see more pictures if anyone has some to show to us!

Also, both editor and translator should be done with finals now, so we'll hopefully get the next chapter out this month. Stay tuned!

Gakuen Basara 2 chapter 05

You can follow the progress here. Next chapter hopefully out pretty soon since it's short, translator will be a bit busy this weekend, though.

Gakuen BASARA 2 chapter 05

NOTICE: YukiMitai's allowing Gakuen BASARA and Gakuen BASARA 2 to be uploaded to online readers now, and we'll allow it as well. Mangatoshokan has already been notified and the policy updated. We don't have time to upload it, but hopefully someone will put it there and then you can also read Gakuen BASARA online. d(>w< )

Gakuen BASARA 2 progress

Little update post... We seem to have lost a cleaner with reshuffling things from YukiMitai, but project is proceeding! Translator finally managed to tear herself away from other stuff she's been busy with so hopefully we'll have the next chapter out for Easter holidays.

UPDATE: Cleaners sorted out!

Chapter 4
COMPLETE - released

Chapter 5
COMPLETE - released

Chapter 6
COMPLETE - released

Chapter 7
COMPLETE - released

Chapter 8
COMPLETE - released

Chapter 9
COMPLETE - released

Chapter 10
Cleaned | Edited | Translated | Typeset

Chapter 9 cleaner/editor seems to have poofed. The rest is all sorted out but unless we get some progress update soon we'll need a new cleaner for it.

Gakuen BASARA 1 [complete] | Gakuen BASARA 2 [ch.1-3]

GAKUEN BASARA (Sengoku BASARA 2 Official Comic Anthology)
AUTHOR: Various
ISBN: 978-4-86233-147-2
GENRES: shounen, high school, comedy


GAKUEN BASARA 2 (Sengoku BASARA 3 Official Comic Anthology)
AUTHOR: Various
ISBN: 978-4-86233-283-7
GENRES: shounen, high school, comedy

Chapter 1 - MediaFire
Chapter 2 - MediaFire
Chapter 3 - MediaFire

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